The Yoga of Certainty

“Nâm is a natural alchemy
It flows with living the life that you live
It directs the course of all living

To its Ultimate Ideal.”


Nâm Yoga is a contemporary expression of an age-old tradition adapted especially for people living in the social psychological environment of the 21st century

The practice of Nâm Yoga is Living in Attunement, an endeavour that aims at transforming daily life into a spiritual realisation.

Living in Attunement


We enter life in Ignorance. This is the natural state of the beginning.

The Human Task is to move from Ignorance to Wisdom and through this transformation become a complete human being.

The way from Ignorance to Wisdom is one of purification and refinement of resonance.

Ethics is the vehicle with which we shape our world in which the ‘sense of I’ and ‘sense of the world’ consist in one amalgamation.

Nâm Yoga provides guidelines and tools for this Task. Meaning and Joy are its fruits.


Nâm is calling, response to calling is Attunement.

Nâm is the unknowable infinite essence and its Affirmation.

Abbah is the human perspective of Nâm.
It is a tool that engenders the Wisdom of Nâm.

Abbah is not a something, nor a nothing. It is a state that evolves in accordance with the degree to which one allows oneself to let go of the illusion of ‘I’ as a separate unit. This is the Journey of the Return.

Asha appears when in the circumstances of daily life Abbah is recognized as being its essence. The meaning of living lies in the recognition of Abbah as its essence.


The meaning of life does not depend on what you do but in what you are, which is demonstrated with how you deal with daily life circumstances.

In attunement to Abbah living is regarded as serving all. Only such living realises the meaning of life and generates unconditional Well-Being In living, dying and post-living.

Nâm Yoga is the algorithm of Well-Being.

Nâm is the Affirmation. It is the Certainty of not-knowing. It is the supreme wisdom through which the realisation of life is brought to fulfillment.

Nâm Yoga is the Yoga of Certainty.