Basic Course Yoga of Nâm – Living in Attunement

Every person has a mystical state in him. This mystical state is natural, it is the meaning of existence, the zenith of life, the ideal and the fulfillment.

Some people experience something missing in their lives, feel a longing for this mystical natural state and start searching.

The mystical dimension, which is here called Awareness, is hidden and cannot be directly approached or experienced. However, this dimension can colour daily experience such a way that the same life is experienced differently. This has an effect on life of now, when dying, and after death.

The Yoga of Nâm, which originates in an age-old and supreme Yoga, has instruments that give direction to perception, to inner attitude and behaviour in such a way that optimal Attunement is the result.

The Yoga of Nâm is the entrance to the mystical state through Attunement

By focusing more attention in our orientation on the mystical, transcendental nature of life, something slowly shifts in the perception, or rather the perception takes on a different colour, as if light is shining into a dark room. This is the age-old quest for a life in the Natural State, a life as a Complete Beautiful Human Being, a life in Attunement.

The Yoga of Nâm with its traditional instruments is especially helpful for Western people to rediscover the meaning of life and to more consciously give a form and direction to the task and responsibility of life.

Discover living in Attunement

Attuning is active, it is a Listening and an Attuning to the natural flow of life. Through a consciously active attitude to life and through behaviour, which have a specific resonance, the correct Attunement can be found. The Course ‘Yoga of Nâm – Living in Attunement’ offers an entrance to explore the mystical or transcendental nature of life and to discover living in Attunement.

Having the right Attunement provides a powerful basis in life, as a result of which circumstances and external factors have less influence on one’s own state and this state will start to have a stimulating, creative influence on the circumstances of life. This orientation supports a process of transformation and leads to a liberating form of thinking which then leads to a liberated life.

The leading principles of the Yoga of Nâm can be found in every mystical tradition

Nâm: the Name; that which you are in essence.

Yoga: orientation, research and discovery.

“Remember and Observe, these are the two guiding principles of the Nâm approach to human living. We should remember that we are of a oneness, the nature of which, as it is our nature, cannot be known by our thinking, which is one of the expressions of this oneness. Observe how everything that surrounds us, including our thoughts and our emotions, reflect this underlying oneness. Observe how, though we cannot know our essence, we can create our lives in accordance with this essence or in opposition to this essence. Observe how the former shapes Well-Being and the latter anxiety, disease, stress and failure. This is just an observation.”
Yoginâm Abbahjí

The origin of the Yoga of Nâm

The Yoga of Nâm is the work and message of Yoginâm Abbahjí. In Yoga of Nâm he offers various instruments to find a life in Attunement.
To go deeper into his work and message there are books, texts, poems, CDs and talks. For those who wish it is possible to meet him personally (meditation, healing and blessing) whereby you share in the healing and unconditional Love that Yoginâm Abbahjí embodies.

What can you expect?

In three weekends we will investigate, with a small group, different aspects of the Yoga of Nâm. The book ‘Meaning & Joy of Nâm Yoga’ and the mystical poem ‘This is Love’ are the main theme.

During the weekends we use various instruments. Besides conversation there is room for contemplation, Asha Meditation, attunement, silence and nature experience. This form of yoga does not use physical exercises as are often found in other forms of yoga.

This research is not limited to the course weekends alone

You are advised to build up a daily rhythm of meditation. You will receive instructions on how to do this during the weekends. During the course you get access to HarpMood, a weekly virtual Satsang through sound with Yoginâm Abbahjí.

After you have registered you will receive the book Meaning & Joy of Nâm Yoga by post.

This course is for you when you:

  • are seeking a life in attunement and the right framework for this
  • inwardly desire to be whole or complete, unity, to go back to the Source, or whichever word fits for you here
  • find insufficient meaning in your current existence
  • experience a lack of connection with life itself
  • have the feeling of being alone and you feel the need to share in the deep commitment of life
  • are looking for a different orientation in life than what the current (materially oriented) society offers.

Practical information

Dates of the weekends:

weekend 1: Friday 26 to Sunday 28 October 2018
weekend 2: Friday 7 to Sunday 9 December 2018
weekend 3: Friday 11 to Sunday 13 January 2019

These weekends start on Friday at 2 pm and end Sunday at 3 pm.

Your contribution: 727 euros

This amount includes:

  • full-board stay in the Asharum during the weekends
  • book ‘Meaning & Joy of Nâm Yoga + poem’ This is Love ‘
  • 3 months online HarpMood subscription (November, December and January)


The course is supervised by Wabke Bouman and Irma ten Brink. They are directly supervised by Yoginâm Abbahjí.

Please send us an email for further inquiries and your subscription to this course