Abbahjí Harp 291

Nâm Retreat in Sardinia with Yoginâm Abbahjí

A Journey of Return
Come and experience the Yoga of Nâm

The presence of Yoginâm Abbahjí and the warm, friendly atmosphere and beauty of the island of Sardinia form the most powerful elements of this ‘sacred’ week in which the participants together in a group, beyond words, by means of a purifying silence and daily meditations, can commence a journey of return to their essence.

In this journey, in which the participant is personally guided by Abbahjí, we enter the sphere of the true essence, NÂM, and this discovery opens a special door to infinite possibilities of the human potential in relationship to the dimensions of experience and of awareness.

Free from practical tasks the participants can in complete openness devote themselves to the unique power of the Nâm retreat, in which, apart from the tangible psychological advantages, the spiritual well-being is strongly promoted.

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