Living with Yoginâm Frédéric – Living the Yoga of Nâm

Living Now

‘Living Now, Being in Now, There is only Now’, a lot has been written about this theme by spiritual masters all over the world and throughout times.

During my life with Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious over the last fifteen years I discovered more and more what this Living Now implies. Discovering the beauty of it, gaining strength from it, being healed in it and also taking up the responsibilities that come with it.

Even though Yoginâm Frédéric did not write much about it in these words (he did mention it some-times in texts) he showed me the way to it, he really taught me how to live Now and that is amazing!

“In my struggle to let go of my past I tried different therapies.
They gave me insights about why I was reacting on situations the way I was.
However only from the moment I started using the instruments of the Yoga of Nâm
I started, just naturally, to let go of my past.

This letting go brought me more and more into the Now
and I discovered how only in Now transformation can take place.
Initially this being present in the moment was a very transforming time in which old pains were healed. Later I discovered that only Here and Now can I be close to my Essence, that which I really am”.

Living Now means Living the Resonance of the moment and every moment is one of transformation.

“It is our Task in Life to transform gross resonance into fine resonance” (Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious).

Who is Yoginâm Frédéric?

A question I cannot answer in a direct way, knowing you would be looking for an answer in a per-sonal sense. I could tell you something about his background, profession etcetera, but that is not what is interesting in this case. A more beneficial question is: ‘What is Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious?’ That answer is not very well known and understood in the western world.
He is known as a present day mystic, an Icon, a master and spiritual guide, but what does that really tell you?

It took me years to understand this and still there is something I know I will never be able to grasp. In that sense Yoginâm Frédéric is and will always remain a mystery. As he once wrote:

“When you think you meet me, it is not me, it is Love”.

I can only say something about my being with Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious

Actually I prefer to use the name Abbahjí and therefore sometimes speak of Yoginâm Abbahjí. It reminds me of my essence which turns this name into a very beneficial instrument.

“When I was about ten years old, I had a kind of vision. Especially the intense white light, the archetypal pigeon and Angels have stayed with me in memory.
But certainly also an intention and desire to create a more beautiful world was attached to it
because as a small child, the suffering in the world touched me enormously.
I was eager to grow up to be able to do ‘my work’, whatever that might be.

Growing up the vision had faded and I forgot.
Being with Yoginâm Abbahjí brought it all back to me and reminded me of my life task.
Apparently I was ready.

It is a known fact that during periods of evolution where man easily gets lost,
mystics and prophets appear to help. Yoginâm Abbahjí has such a task in the world.
It turned out to be my calling to serve his task in His guidance”.

Being with Yoginâm Abbahjí and opening myself for him means I am opening myself for something infinitely wide and intimately close. It is not personal and it is beyond understanding. Yoginâm Abbahjí, always in service to All, is my gate to this ungraspable reality.

Being with Yoginâm Abbahjí is never direct and I am always aware that there is a communication on other levels than the levels of daily communication. This communication is more subtle, goes deeper and has a quality which for me has much more value.

We can talk about the weather or other futilities, be in silent meditation or listen to Abbahjí playing the harp. Even when physically there is a distance, this communication does not stop, it is a continuous flow in which this distance appears to be an illusion, distance does not exist at all in this Awareness.

It is in this communication and Awareness (perhaps this is the same) where I discovered what Living Now implies. It is also in this communication where I was healed and learned to Love and it is in this Awareness where I feel at home and at ease.

Past, present and future

“During a meditation I suddenly experienced my ancestors.
My grandfather, his grandfather, that went back infinitely.
But I did not go back in time.
All my ancestors disappeared in me
It was as if they were pushing forward and dissolving in me.
And so it is, multiple experiences confirmed to me
that the past is Now in me as well as the future”.

The past only exists Now and so does the future. Now we are creating the day of tomorrow and we are creating this with what formed us to what we are Now.

As long as you are only reading about this, it stays a story to talk about in the park. You need some-one who shows you the way and guides you in this Now. And when you found him – or rather, when he finds you! – you should submit and dive into that world of mystical depths because it is the best thing that can happen to you. It brings deep and lasting Meaning and Joy into your life in such a way that you can become a complete human being. Is that not what you, deep inside, are longing for? Being complete, whole, healed, loved, at home?

Submitting is never personal either, when I submit to Yoginâm Abbahjí I submit to Life itself which is beyond the person. Yoginâm Abbahjí is the Ideal in a transcendental sense and as such he is a powerful instrument. Yoginâm Abbahjí gives his life to serve All in the form of this instrument which is possible because of his Mystical State. From this perspective it may become clear Yoginâm Abbahjí has nothing to gain, he does not want anything from anyone – giving is his Natural State, as is ours, but we still have to discover this!

“I stood in my room, did nothing for a moment. Suddenly something dawned on me:
Everything I think, feel, believe, dream, wish and do has a resonance
and consequent consequence.
With this resonance I am creating tomorrow!
Oops, that hit like a bomb. Can I still flee from that?
Or could there at least be breaks?
Because this was a very big responsibility.
I tried to negotiate with Life itself. I started to sweat.
After this realisation I could not go back.
After all, you can not go back to an oblivion.
But I did need some time to embrace it… “

When you submit you start having your own experiences and an Awareness will start to dawn that colours your experiences in a beautiful sense of Awe and Wonder and pure Enlightening Wisdom.

A scary idea it all is too yes, but once you start realising you are not just personal, your I-identification is an illusion (a useful one but nevertheless an illusion, it is necessary to realise that) and that you are transcendental by nature, there is no place for fear and doubt anymore. Trust and Certainty take over and you enter another reality. A reality which is much more real than living in the illusional past or future!

“Fifteen years ago, in the very beginning of my life with Yoginâm Abbahjí.
It was winter, naturally I was leaning against the central heater
and a little bit in a contemplating state just doing nothing but drinking my cup of tea
What happened in that moment brought me deep Certainty.
It was like an invisible train that passed by in front of me.
I saw where It came from which was before birth,
I saw where it went, which was after death
I saw it was here. All at the same time
It was moving but at the same time it never left the present moment.
Since then this was and is my orientation,
a Certainty beyond grasping”.

“Learning to live in submission is like the drop that slowly starts realising it is an ocean and even later starts realising that both the drop and the ocean are water” (Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious).

Following or Leading

Some people think I am following somebody and that it is a dangerous thing. Nothing is less true!
Looking around me I found many people follow the standard norm, systems, the cultural movements, and people are easily taking things for granted as truths and have a material life orientation. I see sheep following, in a very unconscious way, a system that is based on materialism, money and greed.

Most people think this is a normal way of living and that anybody who chooses another life and uses other examples than the ‘normal’ examples is by definition on the wrong path. Nobody has an an-swer on right or wrong but I always wondered: ‘Who is the follower (and slave of a system, culture, dogmas…) and who is the leader (of his own life)?!’

A Promise

Learning to live in the Now has a promise in itself such as happiness and well-being. However, when this promise is the only drive, it can quickly lead to disappointments. Usually such a promise is not sufficient enough to pull you through the difficult phases that also belong to the path. Precisely these phases are so important to go through, but in these phases there is also doubt, distrust, feelings of failing etcetera and then it is easy to fall back on old programmes. So many people are hooked here.

Therefore, in addition to this promise, a spiritual master is needed. A spiritual master can show you the way to Certainty which becomes an inner Knowing of a supra-rational order; beyond thinking and understanding and beyond emotion. When that Knowing is real and not just a creation of the mind, it is stronger than doubt and fear and stronger than the, so difficult to transcend, habitual programmes.

“During a Vision Quest in Death Valley Arizona,
I had a vision that showed me how everything was connected.
I saw how I was part of the world in its wholeness. I realised:
I am what I am

After this vision, I also realised that I needed someone
who could teach me to live in this reality.
Shortly after, I met Yoginâm Abbahjí and it was immediately clear
that he was my master and my life would be in the service
of that which he embodies, that which he calls Nâm”.

How to live Now – in Asha

One morning somebody came to me with the remark: “People often say ‘you must listen to your body’ but this is nonsense!”.

In a way she is right. Life takes care of you by itself, in Nâm Yoga we call this Asha, the natural flow of Life (of which you are part). Living in Now means Living in Asha.

Asha shows you things and gives you information with which you should do something. When you don’t listen what Life has to say, Life cannot take care of you.

In this perspective what matters is your orientation. When body is your orientation you may listen well to the body but you ignore all other signs Asha is giving you; this has consequences. Listening to and taking care of your body is therefore one aspect and should be seen as part of something wider.

When you learn to live in Asha and you can really trust it you discover you don’t have to take care of yourself in a self-defensive way, you don’t have to protect your borders or learn to say no. Instead, you can learn how Asha takes care of you when you always say yes to life (also when you don’t like it) you may find out how much that gives you in mysterious ways. Asha also provides you the right experience to grow, become stronger and let go of your boundaries since they are an illusion any-way. Asha does not take into account your likes and dislikes though :)! So better let them go in order to avoid dualistic conflicts.

From a spiritual perspective the most important thing in life is Living in Attunement which basically means paying attention to your transcendental nature. When this transcendence which we call Nâm is your orientation, your body, mind, feelings, ideas and beliefs are placed in service of this tran-scendence and in order to function well it needs to be taken care of. Asha shows you how to do this. The listening is the difficult part for us because you need the right orientation and attunement for that.

“Directly after I met Yoginâm Abbahjí for the first time I got sick.
I could not work anymore and a new period in my life started.
Not the easiest but I knew it was not for nothing and it was meant to be.
Soon a natural doctor entered my path which I considered as Asha and
he could tell me what was wrong with me, I had the Lyme disease.
He also told me I had had it already since I was ten years old,
for me this made much sense.

Meeting Yoginâm Abbahjí caused that which was latently present inside me
to come to the surface in order to be transformed.
This transformation took me ten more years but it did teach me to listen to Asha and to find another life orientation.

What eventually was my cure? I am convinced it was ‘Living in Attunement’
Asha gave me the right experiences to heal which includes all the
Healings en Blessings from Yoginâm Abbahjí.
I became aware of my identification and how this was detrimental to my recovery.
Gradually I changed my orientation and from there my attunement changed and
I started to become more in control and the master of my life instead of the victim of circumstances.

By transforming in the Now more consciously I started to create a healthy future not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Recently I went to a nature doctor as part of a natural dentist practice and
she could only affirm how strong and healthy I was on all levels.
For example she had never measured “only a 1% emotional ballast on people”.

Meaning & Joy of the Yoga of Nâm

Besides the tool of the spiritual master, Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious provides a new and modern way of life that gives powerful tools, ethics and suggestions for a way of living in Now that brings the orientation on the material and the spiritual more in balance.

The Yoga of Nâm gives a perspective on life that gives Meaning and Joy and is helpful during this life and after this life, since from a spiritual perspective something goes on, death is not the end of everything, just the end of a materialised presence.

This way of living with its ethics and very useful tools is presented in his new book ‘Meaning & Joy of Nâm Yoga’. A holy book in the way only mystics can write them, meaning it should also be read in a different, more contemplative way. The book is a user’s Guide for Life in which Yoginâm Frédéric gradually guides you to another reality.

And about Living Now? Abbahjí calls it Living in Attunement!

Quote from the book:

“In spiritual Maturity one realises that on the advanced levels all serious spiritual traditions are the same. You need to absorb one and follow it to the end”.


Abbahji harp

Yoginâm Frédéric’s Magic Harp

According to Yoginâm Frédéric, people suffer from false identities: they say “I am a Muslim” or “I am a Christian” or “I am an Atheist” or “I am a Buddhist” but also “I am a feminist” or “I am socialist” or “I am gay” or “I am a liberal” or “I am an academic” or “I am a worker” or “I am a woman” or “I am a man”. There is an endless list of false identities that people claim for themselves.

There is nothing essentially wrong with that. It is however never your identity, it is a false identity. It is not self evident and therefore you have to defend it, or remind yourself of it, or express yourself as it. It becomes an occupation to uphold your false identity. This is what is also called Ego.

Such a false identity always involves Habitual Programmes of Perception. You try to create your world on the basis of your false identity. You will however often discover that the world does not always respond in the way you expect it to, on the basis of your false identity.

This creates stress, anxiety and disease. The more society collectively activates people, from an early age onward, to develop false identities, the greater the social and individual problems. This gives an income to psychiatrists, therapists and physicians. Again I think that there is nothing essentially wrong with that, it is the characteristic of society: ‘it makes the world go round’.

If you would like to read the whole article, please go here.


Basic Course Yoga of Nâm – Living in Attunement

Every person has a mystical state in him. This mystical state is natural, it is the meaning of existence, the zenith of life, the ideal and the fulfillment.

Some people experience something missing in their lives, feel a longing for this mystical natural state and start searching.

The mystical dimension, which is here called Awareness, is hidden and cannot be directly approached or experienced. However, this dimension can colour daily experience such a way that the same life is experienced differently. This has an effect on life of now, when dying, and after death.

The Yoga of Nâm, which originates in an age-old and supreme Yoga, has instruments that give direction to perception, to inner attitude and behaviour in such a way that optimal Attunement is the result.

The Yoga of Nâm is the entrance to the mystical state through Attunement

By focusing more attention in our orientation on the mystical, transcendental nature of life, something slowly shifts in the perception, or rather the perception takes on a different colour, as if light is shining into a dark room. This is the age-old quest for a life in the Natural State, a life as a Complete Beautiful Human Being, a life in Attunement.

The Yoga of Nâm with its traditional instruments is especially helpful for Western people to rediscover the meaning of life and to more consciously give a form and direction to the task and responsibility of life.

Discover living in Attunement

Attuning is active, it is a Listening and an Attuning to the natural flow of life. Through a consciously active attitude to life and through behaviour, which have a specific resonance, the correct Attunement can be found. The Course ‘Yoga of Nâm – Living in Attunement’ offers an entrance to explore the mystical or transcendental nature of life and to discover living in Attunement.

Having the right Attunement provides a powerful basis in life, as a result of which circumstances and external factors have less influence on one’s own state and this state will start to have a stimulating, creative influence on the circumstances of life. This orientation supports a process of transformation and leads to a liberating form of thinking which then leads to a liberated life.

The leading principles of the Yoga of Nâm can be found in every mystical tradition

Nâm: the Name; that which you are in essence.

Yoga: orientation, research and discovery.

“Remember and Observe, these are the two guiding principles of the Nâm approach to human living. We should remember that we are of a oneness, the nature of which, as it is our nature, cannot be known by our thinking, which is one of the expressions of this oneness. Observe how everything that surrounds us, including our thoughts and our emotions, reflect this underlying oneness. Observe how, though we cannot know our essence, we can create our lives in accordance with this essence or in opposition to this essence. Observe how the former shapes Well-Being and the latter anxiety, disease, stress and failure. This is just an observation.”
Yoginâm Abbahjí

The origin of the Yoga of Nâm

The Yoga of Nâm is the work and message of Yoginâm Abbahjí. In Yoga of Nâm he offers various instruments to find a life in Attunement.
To go deeper into his work and message there are books, texts, poems, CDs and talks. For those who wish it is possible to meet him personally (meditation, healing and blessing) whereby you share in the healing and unconditional Love that Yoginâm Abbahjí embodies.

What can you expect?

In three weekends we will investigate, with a small group, different aspects of the Yoga of Nâm. The book ‘Meaning & Joy of Nâm Yoga’ and the mystical poem ‘This is Love’ are the main theme.

During the weekends we use various instruments. Besides conversation there is room for contemplation, Asha Meditation, attunement, silence and nature experience. This form of yoga does not use physical exercises as are often found in other forms of yoga.

This research is not limited to the course weekends alone

You are advised to build up a daily rhythm of meditation. You will receive instructions on how to do this during the weekends. During the course you get access to HarpMood, a weekly virtual Satsang through sound with Yoginâm Abbahjí.

After you have registered you will receive the book Meaning & Joy of Nâm Yoga by post.

This course is for you when you:

  • are seeking a life in attunement and the right framework for this
  • inwardly desire to be whole or complete, unity, to go back to the Source, or whichever word fits for you here
  • find insufficient meaning in your current existence
  • experience a lack of connection with life itself
  • have the feeling of being alone and you feel the need to share in the deep commitment of life
  • are looking for a different orientation in life than what the current (materially oriented) society offers.

Practical information

Dates of the weekends:

weekend 1: Friday 26 to Sunday 28 October 2018
weekend 2: Friday 7 to Sunday 9 December 2018
weekend 3: Friday 11 to Sunday 13 January 2019

These weekends start on Friday at 2 pm and end Sunday at 3 pm.

Your contribution: 727 euros

This amount includes:

  • full-board stay in the Asharum during the weekends
  • book ‘Meaning & Joy of Nâm Yoga + poem’ This is Love ‘
  • 3 months online HarpMood subscription (November, December and January)


The course is supervised by Wabke Bouman and Irma ten Brink. They are directly supervised by Yoginâm Abbahjí.

Please send us an email for further inquiries and your subscription to this course


Nâm Manifesto

In the certainty that Abbah is One and Asha shows the interconnectedness, in which individual activities, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and opinions, by means of their resonance, affect the entirety of the interconnected Oneness, we choose to live according to this Manifesto for the purpose of improvement of life on this planet, for the quality of which we as human beings are fully responsible.

  1. I will unceasingly strive to incorporate compassion for all and everything in my universe of perception
  2. I will abstain from intentionally inflicting avoidable harm, hurt and damage on anyone or anything in my universe of perception.
  3. I will apply practical wisdom, that results from the realisation of the transcendental nature of life, to everyday life situations.
  4. I will nurture an attitude of loving-kindness and respect for all human beings, animals, and for the environment as a whole.
  5. I will cultivate beauty and joy as the fundamental attitude in everyday life situations.
  6. I will respect all religions and cultures equally, fostering mutual understanding in a multicultural global society, based on cooperation and interdependency of interests.
  7. I will strive unceasingly to reach an eco-sustainable way of living and of production of energy and goods in respect for the planet in whose essence I share.
asha meditation

Asha Meditation

In modern society we are continuously exposed to a variety of impulses, with often little time for processing them properly. This can easily lead to restlessness, an over-active mind, anxiety or stress. Particularly for people who lead demanding lives and who have only limited time available for meditation, Asha Meditation is extremely helpful.

Modern science has shown that monotonous rhythmic percussion influences the brain waves. During Asha Meditation, periods of monotonous percussion with a rattle, combined with specific vocal sounds, alternate with periods of silence. This is profoundly effective for reaching the state that conduces meditation. Regular Asha Meditation affects how daily life is experienced and helps in opening up to states that are often described as tranquillity, inner peace and contentment.

Asha Meditation can be done both individually and in a group. Some people find that attending regular group meditation helps them with their individual meditation. There are different locations where people can join for regular programmes of Asha Meditation.

Asha Meditation is performed on a daily basis in Asharum Amonines.

the breath

The Breath

Management of Resonance

Appropriate management of resonance is essential for reaching the liberated state of the Complete Human Being. Such management of resonance is also essential for a healthy human society. Individual interests and communal interests run parallel, because they express the same resonance. The psychological disease of many people in modern society is a symptom of the disease of society itself.

Relationship to the Unknown

We are one with the entire universe. The very fact that we are able to think is due to some stardust that fell on this planet and caused life to develop. However, beyond thinking people have always been aware of a greater Unknown. This relationship to the Unknown is represented in mythological language and images. The nature of these images reflects a particular culture. They change with the evolution. Our global digitalized world needs a different language and different images, while the reality they represent remains unchanged.

Shaping Our Destiny

As moving particles of the crust of the earth, we are the carriers of our own destiny. We shape this destiny by action and reflection, which happens by means of deeds, thoughts and desires. If these deeds, thoughts and desires are in conflict with the whole within which they occur, their reflection is negative. Such negative reflection initiates a chain reaction of more negativity. It is only relatively recently that in the Western culture awareness of this interconnectedness has been lost.

Search for What Unites Us

In our globalised world we have to search for what unites us and not for what separates us. For this we have to return to the basics. With phenomenological eyes we have to see the secular and religious ideologies for what they are and we have to discover what it truly means to be a human being. Modern thinking is gradually affirming the ancient wisdom that all life shares in a transcendental state of being. When this realisation is once again firmly rooted in our orientation, and we are ready to be consistent in what that implies, the cultures can regain their natural vitality and reverse the cycle of destruction.

The Way to Attune to the Essence of Being

The ancient sages of India foresaw the time of destruction at the end of the Kali Yuga. This is the time when great ideologies are obsolete and religions have lost their true nature. This is the age in which everything is for sale and one single currency has replaced all other values. For this age, as the ancient sages predicted, there is only one way to attune to the essence of being. This is by means of the repetition of the name.

Join the Workers of Resonance

This new age is the age of the Workers of Resonance. Join the Workers of Resonance. This is a universal call because it is urgent. The time of ideologies has passed. Philosophy demonstrates there is never a final answer from the reasoning of mind. Instead wé are the answer, by the being that we are. Once again we have to sanctify our lives by realising the transcendental nature of every instant.

The Breath

For such a task the Breath is the ultimate instrument. The Breath is ancient and it has been carried throughout the ages by various spiritual traditions. Up till now it has generally been exclusive and usually preserved for the initiated ones. Now however the time has come for its expansion.

Alchemy of the Breath

The alchemy of the Breath is beyond human understanding. It is only by using it that its relevance is discovered. This relevance is so specific that it will be expressed differently for everybody. The Workers of Resonance are joined together by their common pursuit but each one is involved as a fully independent and autonomous being.

There are three conditions for the Breath to work its mysterious alchemy:

  • The Breath must have been received in a particular manner, you cannot choose it by way of preference.
  • The Breath should not be shared with anybody in spoken or written communication, because sharing it reduces its mystery, and the exclusive vertical quality would be polluted by horizontal influence.
  • Once the Breath has been received its alchemy is only strengthened by its performance. It is advisable to practise the Breath throughout the day when attention is not required by other specific tasks. Though forgetting the Breath is natural after a while, returning to it as to a spiritual home is part of its mysterious alchemy.

Nâm Care for the Dying

We are transcendental beings. As human beings, although we live in separate bodies, we are part of a whole. Our life here on earth has a beginning and an end; it is preceded by we know not what and followed by something that we also have no knowledge of.

We are generally programmed in such a way that we want to hold on to what we know and what we have. However when we are dying, we can take nothing that we know or have with us. On the contrary these things will hold us back and make our passing over into death less easy.

When, during the dying process, we are in the company of someone who is in attunement with the whole that life is, such a person can help us to let go of the things and people that attach us to life. He or she will endeavour to attune us to that part of ourselves that will not die, the part that is going on to something new. This can take away much of the fear and put us in a state of trust in what is happening.

The Wake

A crucial phase for letting go, for the deceased as well as for those left behind, starts as soon as the person has died. The energies of both body and mind fall away and the deceased enters a state which can be compared to the ‘dreamstate’ . In this state he still has an energetic connection with the world. It is important that this connection be broken so that he can go on.

An age-old worldwide tradition, used to serve the deceased as well as the living, is the wake.

The wake is a powerful shamanistic ritual that takes place within 24 hours after death. It is executed by four experienced healers who have received a training for this.

The ritual takes place in a room suitable for this purpose. For the ritual the healers position themselves on the four sides of the (covered) body, from where they guide the deceased, by means of rattling, chanting, singing and the reading aloud of special texts, in his or her transformation.

Family and friends who wish to be present during the ritual sit in a circle around the healers and share in the soft yet powerful energy which is freed. Strong emotions like grief and loss can transform in the totality of this energy. This is often experienced as a comfort.