Nâm Manifesto

In the certainty that Abbah is One and Asha shows the interconnectedness, in which individual activities, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and opinions, by means of their resonance, affect the entirety of the interconnected Oneness, we choose to live according to this Manifesto for the purpose of improvement of life on this planet, for the quality of which we as human beings are fully responsible.

  1. I will unceasingly strive to incorporate compassion for all and everything in my universe of perception
  2. I will abstain from intentionally inflicting avoidable harm, hurt and damage on anyone or anything in my universe of perception.
  3. I will apply practical wisdom, that results from the realisation of the transcendental nature of life, to everyday life situations.
  4. I will nurture an attitude of loving-kindness and respect for all human beings, animals, and for the environment as a whole.
  5. I will cultivate beauty and joy as the fundamental attitude in everyday life situations.
  6. I will respect all religions and cultures equally, fostering mutual understanding in a multicultural global society, based on cooperation and interdependency of interests.
  7. I will strive unceasingly to reach an eco-sustainable way of living and of production of energy and goods in respect for the planet in whose essence I share.
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