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Living with Yoginâm Frédéric – Living the Yoga of Nâm

Living Now ‘Living Now, Being in Now, There is only Now’, a lot has been written about this theme by spiritual masters all over the world and throughout times. During my life with Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious over the last fifteen years I discovered more and more what this Living Now implies. Discovering the beauty of […]

Abbahji harp

Yoginâm Frédéric’s Magic Harp

According to Yoginâm Frédéric, people suffer from false identities: they say “I am a Muslim” or “I am a Christian” or “I am an Atheist” or “I am a Buddhist” but also “I am a feminist” or “I am socialist” or “I am gay” or “I am a liberal” or “I am an academic” or […]

Basic Course Yoga of Nâm – Living in Attunement

Every person has a mystical state in him. This mystical state is natural, it is the meaning of existence, the zenith of life, the ideal and the fulfillment. Some people experience something missing in their lives, feel a longing for this mystical natural state and start searching. The mystical dimension, which is here called Awareness, […]

Abbahjí Harp 291

Nâm Retreat in Sardinia with Yoginâm Abbahjí

Experience the Yoga of Nâm in the presence of Yoginâm Abbahjí and the warm, friendly atmosphere and beauty of Sardinia.